Life is short and full of so many memories. We treasure each memory in our head and hold onto the magic of it. Having keepsakes of these memories is one of the greatest ways to treasure them forever. Pictures keep each precious moment fresh and new each time we look at them. With each new year, a family member is added, a child graduates, or new love is formed, and all these moments can be captured to hold onto forever.

I have grown up with a love of cameras and the magic that they can capture. After I graduated I took this love and put it to work. I have been doing this business for over a year now, and have learned so much along the way. I enjoy capturing each persons special memory and giving them to you to hold onto forever. 

Whether it's from the arrival of a newborn, or a simple family shoot for Christmas cards, to a beautiful and magical wedding, I treasure each experience and the meeting of new people. I look at my photography as a way to bless people. My photography is about the journey of life, and the beauty and simplicity of that journey.